Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies

“Representatives from both Governing Bodies demonstrate a clear understanding of the Academy’s performance and the challenges ahead.”
HMI, 2009


Girls' Day School Trust Academy Trust Board

Enquiries: Chairman of ATB - C/O GDST, 100 Rochester Row, London, SW1 1JP


Mrs H. Williams


Mr J. Davis (Finance Director GDST)

Mrs C. Giovannoni (Chief Executive Officer GDST)

Mr R. Harris

Mrs A. Kinman-Carroll (Chair of Belvedere Academy LGB)

Ms K. Anstey (Chair of Birkenhead High School Academy LGB)

Ms. A Taylor (External Member)


Ms L. Colegate (Governance Manager GDST)


Local Governing Body

Enquiries: Chair of LGB - C/O The Belvedere Academy, 17 Belvidere Road, Liverpool, L8 3TF


Mrs A. Kinman-Carroll


MrS J. Taylor (Principal)

Mrs J. Huyton (Support Staff)

Mr N. Hill (Teaching Staff)

Mrs S. Flynn (Parent)

Mr J. Murphy (External Member)

Mr K. O'Sullivan (HE Representative)


Mrs N. Smith (Principal's PA Belvedere Academy)



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