Assessment, Recording, and Reporting

"Teachers know students well; they have high expectations of them and of what they can achieve. Students respond extremely positively to this, are enthusiastic learners and usually take responsibility for their work and progress. They are keen to achieve the high targets set for them and do well."
Ofsted, 2015

"Efficient pupil tracking systems and regular data scrutiny to highlight individual pupils who may be falling behind and to identify achievement of vulnerable groups.  Action is taken speedily to support pupils experiencing difficulties to get back on track."
Inclusion Charter Mark – Advanced Award, 2010

"Targets are challenging and accurately reflect prior learning and future potential. Students’ progress is tracked in increasing detail."
HMI, 2009



At The Belvedere Academy, we value all of the work submitted by your daughter. This includes work set in class as well as work completed at home.

Following consultation with the Parental Forum Group, it was agreed that a schedule of all the major pieces of work and assessments would be published in a single document, 'The Parental Assessment Booklet,' which you can download from the link below.

The booklet is intended to inform you of the major assessment pieces your daughter will be accessing as part of her studies in Years 7- 11. As an academy, we are keen that you are able to have a meaningful dialogue with your daughter on the progress that she is making in her academic studies. On a subject by subject basis, the document outlines key assessment pieces; following these assessed pieces we would encourage you to discuss progress made with your daughter, to act upon any advice given by subject tutors and to ensure that she makes every effort to be able to improve her grades.

We place a strong emphasis on the fact that your daughter’s education is a three way partnership between school, student and parent. This document is aimed at keeping you better informed about some key elements in relation to her progress. It should also help to sharpen discussions when parental consultation evening arrives.


What is 'Progress 8?'
Schools' performance is now measured by a score entitled ‘Progress 8.’  It measures how far students have progressed from the end of primary school (KS2 SATS) to their final GCSE grades.
The link below takes you to a short video, published by the DFE in September 2016, which allows parents (and others who are interested) to learn more about Progress 8, how it is calculated and what it means for each school.
The video lasts about 3 minutes. Belvedere’s GCSE curriculum offer allows all students to achieve highly in the Progress 8 measure.