The Academy Day

The Academy day starts at 8.35am and by then students are expected to be in class ready to start work. Breakfast is served from 8.00 am until 8.25 am in the Dining Room.

Students have a 15 minute mid morning break and a one hour lunch break. Food and drinks are served at both of these break times in the dining room. Students in Years 7-11 must remain on-site throughout the whole day including lunchtime to have an Academy meal in our dining room.

8.00 am                       Students allowed access to dining areas for breakfast etc.


8.35 am                       Registration                           10 minutes

8.45 am                       Assembly                                15 minutes   (3 x Assemblies per week)

9.00 am                       Period 1                                  1 hour

10.00 am                     Period 2                                  1 hour

11.00 am                     Break                                       15 minutes

11.15 am                     Period 3                                  1 hour

12.15 am                     Lunch                                      1 hour

1.15 pm                       Period 4                                  1 hour   (Registration by subject teacher)

2.15 pm                       Period 5                                  1 hour

3.15 pm                       Break


3.30 pm                       Enrichment Programme begins

                                    (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)