Accelerated Reader programme for Year 7

Year 7 pupils take part in an exciting reading programme called Accelerated Reader, managed by the Library. This successful programme is designed to develop reading skills, improve literacy and foster a love of reading!

Our pupils enjoy taking part in Accelerated Reader and are motivated to succeed.

At the beginning of term, all pupils take a STAR reading test which gives them a ZPD. ZPD stands for Zone of Proximal Development. It is a reading range tailored to each pupil. It ensures pupils read books that are neither too easy nor too difficult but at the right level for them. The aim is for pupils’ ZPD to increase as they read more and become better readers. Pupils are retested at the end of the Spring and Summer Terms to measure development and reading targets are adjusted.

Library books are labelled with their Accelerated Reader level. The girls choose an appropriate from the library and read it independently.

There are 10 minutes devoted to silent reading at the start of every Year 7 English lesson and once a fortnight each class spends an Accelerated Reader lesson in the library. Once the book has been read, pupils take a short quiz about it on the computer. Passing the quiz is an indication of how well the book has been understood.

At the end of each term, a mail shot is sent out to parents. Included throughout the year are the ‘Parent’s Guide to Accelerated Reader’ and ‘Parent’s Guide to Renaissance Home Connect’ (see below); the website which allows parents to log in with their daughter’s details to get a snapshot of her reading progress, including books read, average percent correct on quizzes, number of points earned and results on the last quiz.

The difficulties pupils have in the transition between primary and secondary school is well documented. In the stress of the upheaval, pupils’ academic achievement can slide, particularly in reading. Through Accelerated Reader and the constant motivation and intervention our pupils receive in their library lessons, this slide has been arrested with most pupils’ National Curriculum Reading Level actually increasing between September and July.

If parent have any enquiries about the programme they can contact Miss Murphy at or alternatively, phone the main switchboard on 0151 727 1284 and ask to be put through to the library.