High Standards and Expectations

"Teachers have high expectations of all students. Students regularly enter into a detailed dialogue with their teachers about how to improve their work, are challenged further, and make rapid and sustained progress as a result."
Ofsted, 2015

"Expectations of students’ behaviour are high."
Ofsted, 2015

Expectations and Pastoral Support

The pastoral care of students within the academy is a high priority. It aims to provide support, encouragement and information so that all students have many opportunities to achieve their personal best across a wide range of studies and enrichment activities. We emphasise positive attitudes and relationships based on mutual respect.

The basis of the academy’s pastoral system is the Form Tutor. A student should use her Form Tutor as the first point of reference if there is a problem or an issue. Each Form Tutor is part of a team led by the Head of Upper and Lower School or Head of Sixth Form.  Assistant Managers and the Pastoral Administrator provide additional pastoral support.

Head of Upper and Lower School or Head of Sixth Form, with support from their Assistant’s, and further support from Form Tutors, the Inclusion Manager, Subject Teachers, and the Pastoral Administrator, form a network of support for each student. Members of the Senior Management Team hold overall responsibility for the co-ordination of pastoral support throughout the academy.

The Pastoral Team aims to work in co-operation with parents to maintain high standards of achievement and effort, and to create a supportive community.

Maintaining an Ideal Learning Enviroment

We are here to learn, and as such we are committed to creating and maintaining the ideal learning environment for our students. Good behaviour both in and outside the classroom is seen as a real priority at The Belvedere Academy. We expect from our students a very high standard of self-discipline and behaviour, a positive approach to studies and a co-operative and supportive relationship with peers and staff.

Parents are asked to work in partnership with the academy staff to assist the academy in maintaining high standards, and to take responsibility for the behaviour of their daughter in the academy and on the way to and from the academy. We ask you also to ensure that your daughter reads and understands the Code of Conduct, which is displayed below, in Homework planners, and in all classrooms.

Students are asked to read and understand the Code of Conduct and Classroom Expectations. They should take responsibility for maintaining good standards of behaviour and for reporting to staff any incidents of harassment they have witnessed.

Staff will aim to create a supportive learning community through:

• Establishing good order and discipline in classrooms and all other areas of the academy
• Developing student self-esteem and self-discipline
• Setting high personal standards and thus promoting amongst students a proper regard for authority
• Establishing positive teacher-student relationships based on mutual respect
• Ensuring equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment for all
• Ensuring that responses to both negative and positive behaviour are consistent across all staff
• Monitoring the impact of special educational needs on behaviour to ensure early intervention
• Providing a safe environment for staff and students, free from disruption, bullying and any form of harassment and aggression
• Building constructive relationships with parents and guardians, and involving them in implementing the academy’s behaviour policy

Copies of the full Behaviour Policy and Academy Rules are available to download below.


Code Of Conduct

(Agreed by students, staff, & governors)

Around The Belvedere Academy and the wider community we agree to:

  • Treat everyone as you would like to be treated
  • Respect people of all races and their beliefs
  • Be caring, courteous and considerate
  • Respect Academy property at all times
  • Respect other people’s possessions
  • Always do your best to be punctual
  • Always be sensible around the academy
  • Always be polite and helpful
  • Be honest


Classroom Expectations

Girls are expected to adhere to the expectations listed below:

1. Punctuality
• Arrive on time, entering the classroom in an orderly manner.
• When a teacher indicates the end of a lesson, pack your bag and move to the next lesson quietly and quickly.

2. Organisation
• Bring the correct equipment, books and completed homework.
• Record the homework in your student planner.

3. Good Manners
• Listen when others are speaking.
• Speak only when your contribution is relevant to the lesson.
• Raise your hand to answer or to ask a question.
• Work co-operatively with others.

4. Concentration
• Participate fully in the lesson.
• Listen carefully to instructions.
• Stay focused on the task.
• Allow other students to concentrate on the lesson.

5. Health and Safety
• Ensure that your behaviour in class does not endanger anyone.
• Leave the classroom in a clean and orderly state.


Behaviour Policy & Academy Rules