Lower School

Lower School

Mrs J. Jones Vice Principal

Mrs A. Beddard Head of Lower School

Miss L. Jones Assistant Head of Lower School

Y7 Form Tutors:


Miss Behrens/Miss Vuodi

Mrs Rogers/Ms Carroll

Mr Moss

Miss Scott

Miss McLean

Y8 Form Tutors:

Miss Brooks

Mrs Jecks

Miss Pozo/Mrs Hughson

Miss Jones

Mr Hogan

Mrs E. Gilles Learning Support Assistant

Lower School consists of Year 7 and Year 8. All students are taught in form groups and set separately for Maths and English.

The curriculum covers a wide range of subjects ensuring students have a broad educational experience. In particular, there is an emphasis on the status of languages as the academy’s specialism. Last year has saw the introduction of Mandarin Chinese within the Lower School curriculum.

Throughout Lower School students are encouraged to become independent learners and to take responsibility for their organisation.

The enrichment programme at the academy further enhances the curriculum by offering students a wide range of academic and recreational extra-curricular activities.

Weekly assemblies delivered by a range of staff and students cover a range of issues and topics age appropriate for students in Lower School.

Lower School students are involved in a variety of form activities, charity events and school trips.

We encourage all students in Lower School to support and help each other particularly Year 8 students acting as role models for new Year 7 students.

Lower School students are made fully aware of the high standards and expectations of being a Belvedere girl. We work closely with parents on a regular basis to ensure standards are consistently maintained.

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