Help and Advice for students


'Students feel very safe and the academy is rigorous in keeping all students safe. They are cared for very well. The well-being of all students is as highly regarded as their academic success.'
Ofsted, 2015


'Students are very considerate of each other and adults and establish highly positive relationships. They are very polite and respectful, and clearly enjoy their time in the academy.'
Ofsted, 2015


Asking for Help


There are many different people students can turn to for advice and guidance in the Academy:
• Friends, Buddies, and the Head Girl Team can help in lots of ways. They can show students the way around and explain the day-to-day routines of the Academy.
• Form Tutors see the students every day and can help with anything (or knows someone who can). Students should always discuss any concerns with the Form Tutor.
• The Pastoral Administrator will be on hand as a point of contact for students and their parents and carers should they need any information, advice or have any important questions that need answering. The Pastoral Administrator will help to guide students towards the correct member of staff or the support that they need.
• Subject Teachers can give advice and guidance on the work in their lesson but can also help with more general things.
• Always ask someone if you are unsure of anything. We can only help if you let us know there is a problem!
Making New Friends

Starting at The Belvedere Academy is an excellent way to make new friends and students should be encouraged to do this. Starting new clubs or activities is an excellent way to meet new people whilst having fun and learning new skills.