Residential Trips and Visits 2018-19

Please see an outline summary of the residential trips that we are offering to students this year. We believe it is important for you to know in advance, what is available for the academic year, to allow you to make a more informed decision as a family.

Staff organising the trips will send letters home providing further information in due course. Your daughter will then be able to express an interest and pay a deposit.


Residential Trip 




Year 7 trip to Lockerbie Manor, Scotland 

Year 7 

17th October 2018 

Junior Netball Weekend to Condover Hall Estate 

Year 8 

1st March 2019 

Sixth Form New York Trip 

Years 12-13 

8th April 2019 


Drama Theatre Trip to London 

Years 7-11 

8th April 2019 

Senior Netball Tour to Disneyland Paris 



Years 11-13 

14th April 2019 

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/ Silver practice 



29th March 2019 

Valencia Trip 


Years 7/8 

24th April 2019 

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/ Silver expedition 


7th July 2019 

 *NB some dates/prices may vary slightly when finalising arrangements with tour operators.