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Business and Economics


We intend pupils to leave with a broad knowledge base of transferable skills whilst achieving over or above their expected grade. We hope to instil enthusiasm about the world of business and strive to ensure that pupils have good ‘news knowledge’ and are able to discuss industry changes and firms to thoroughly understand the theory with actual examples. In addition, we wish our pupils to be equipped to leave the course with all of the basic skills and knowledge to be able to successfully start and run their own business.


We intend pupils to have a broad understanding of both Micro and Macro economics and clear guidelines as to what is expected from the board in terms of exam question structure in order to maximise marks in the most efficient and time effective way. In addition to this, in light of the current economic climate, we feel strongly that our economics pupils should feel knowledgeable about and confident in discussing outcomes and issues arising from Brexit and other economic changes and how these will affect both the economy and them on a personal level.


The Department

Business and Economics may seem like new subjects that you perhaps don't know much about but actually, we are surrounded both of them each day, even if we don't realise it! Family and friends will almost certainly work for an organisation and some may even run their own. You will also be very used to fulfilling the role of customer from a very early age. So the knowledge of how these businesses function and how and why they make the decisions they do is invaluable and gives you a true insight into how companies that you know and love operate. In our department, we take a keen interest in current issues and pupils are encouraged to immerse themselves in news about individual businesses, sectors and the economy as a whole. It doesn't just mean watching the news; immersing yourself in the study of Business and Economics comes in many forms, including shopping! We are a passionate team and we hope we transfer this passion and love of the ever emerging subject within our lessons. 

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Business 

Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Business BTEC

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Economics




Cadbury’s World

Amazon Distribution Centre


Miss K. Wilson - Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics

Mr I. Bhuiyan - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics

Mrs L. Fox-Ford  - Subject Leader of Business and Economics, Teacher of PSHE 

Mr S. Jamieson - Senior Vice Principal, Teacher of Economics

Mr I. Cartwright - Teacher of Computing and Business





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