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COVID-19 Catch Up Funding


How the grant will be spent
  • To help disadvantaged students whose education has been most affected by school closure

  • To support all students in Year 11 to partake in Additional Study programmes during holidays and on Saturday mornings

  • To procure additional IT devices and software to enable both students who have not got access to a device at home to access their lessons and Google Classroom and teachers to teach remotely

  • To buy in external tutors as part of the National Tutoring programme offer to support students who have fallen behind most as a result of school closure


How the effects of this expenditure will be assessed

  • Analysis of termly grade card reports/data drops

  • Monitoring of different groups of students (e.g. disadvantaged vs. non disadvantaged)

  • Student questionnaires and general feedback

  • Staff questionnaires and general feedback

  • Impact reports produced by external tuition companies

  • External examination results (should these take place)


The Belvedere Academy - Coronavirus COVID-19 catch-up premium 2021-2022

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