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The Belvedere Academy

Curriculum Overview

The Belvedere Academy Curriculum Intent

 Put simply, we want all our pupils to: 

'Know more, remember more and do more over time' 

In addition, our curriculum offer is: 

  • Rich in knowledge which offers both a personalised and an inclusive approach to learning
  • Broad and balanced which is supported by extra curricular activities that broadens pupils’ horizons and develops their independence
  • Instilling a love of learning for our pupils across all subject areas
  • Adapted sufficiently to meet the needs of all pupils and one that enables them to progress smoothly into their next phase of education, be it Upper School, Sixth Form or apprenticeships / university

It is essential that our curriculum is sequenced in such a way that it provides all pupils with the opportunity to develop themselves as successful learners who are well prepared and excited about life after Belvedere. It is also essential that the curriculum is organised in such a way that it ensures the values inherent in our ‘Being Belvedere’ ethos become a reality for all.

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Policy 2023

2023/2024 Exam Boards

Creative Careers

Creative Careers Week 2023

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