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Physical Education

Physical Education is essential to the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical development of the whole person.  It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self esteem. Physical Education educates pupils through the use of the body and its movement.  It aims to develop physical competence so that pupils are able to move efficiently, effectively and safely and understand what they are doing.  It is a way of learning through action, awareness and observation.

At Belvedere we aim to deliver a balanced programme which provides the pupils with opportunities to promote physical development and competence.  We encourage all pupils to participate fully in all activities to enhance their understanding of key concepts through movement.  We have many sports ambassadors and sports leaders who take on various roles such as management, coaching, leadership and officiating.  We strive for each pupil to achieve their potential and experience success within PE.  Lessons are differentiated to ensure everyone is challenged and can achieve. We aim to give all pupils the opportunity to extend their range of physical skills and develop their proficiency as well as appreciating the benefits of participation.  Through physical education, we aim to develop interpersonal and problem-solving skills and develop qualities such as leadership, teamwork, resilience, sportsmanship and help forge links between the school and the community.

The Department

The PE Department is a close-knit team who promote physical, mental and social wellbeing as well as celebrate success. Besides teaching and coaching a range of sports we host PE events, compete in many sports competitions and organise exciting trips for all the pupils across all year groups. 

Our extensive Enrichment Programme offers opportunities for pupils to get involved in a variety of sport and fitness activities. We proudly participate in (and often win) local and national competitions in a range of sports. We have extremely talented pupils who have been selected to compete at county and national level in a multitude of sports, and many students who have been selected for the GDST Select teams in football, netball and cricket. 

The PE Department continues to keep fit, play and watch our favourite Sports. Mrs Reynolds and Mrs McAuliffe are both keen hockey players whilst Mrs McAnespy is a swimmer, often found competing in triathlons. Mrs Reynolds and Mrs McAnespy also play cricket for their local softball teams. Each member of staff is passionate about sport and exericise, but only one loves an ice bath afterwards. Who could that be?  

PE Kit

Recently, we have allowed pupils at Belvedere to wear their PE kit to school on days that they have PE. This is to reduce the number of students changing in the changing rooms and to maximise lesson time. Students who wish to do this must wear the correct Belevdere PE kit as outlined below. No alternative or branded sports wear is allowed. Students who wish to change as usual are more than welcome to do so. The PE kit is as follows; 

Compulsory Kit:

  • School T-shirt - choice of two. 
  • School bottoms - choice of leggings, track pants, skorts or shorts. 
  • School ¼ Zip top 
  • Socks - no tights are allowed. 
  • Sports Trainers (No converse, vans or high tops.) 

Optional Kit:

  • School shower proof jacket. 
  • Plain navy base layer to be worn underneath the school t-shirt. 

We pride ourselves on offering a range of different options for our PE kit that allow our pupils to feel comfortable and safe when taking part in PE lessons whilst still looking smart and ready for action. Pupils may wish to have different kits for different activities, and should always dress appropriately for the weather. If students wish to get changed before/after their lessons their PE kit should be labelled and kept in the lockers safely throughout the day. Pupils will have more than one PE lesson per week and may be taking part in multiple physical enrichment activities, therefore parents should consider the number of items their child has. More information about kit can be found in the school uniform policy. 


All pupils are expected to participate in PE lessons and we ask parents to support us in this. If your child is feeling a bit ‘under the weather’ but is well enough to be in school we ask that she inform the PE teacher of this and participate in the lesson lightly. Pupils will not be allowed to miss PE, or sit out of PE lessons unless they have a sufficient doctors note exempting them from physical activity i.e. if they have a long term injury or broken bone. There is no such thing as a "non-participant" in our PE lessons as all students will be accommodated through physical activity, or through alternative roles such as coaching, leading or analysing. All pupils will be able to access the learning element of the lesson whether they take part practically or not. Pupils and parents should note that PE lessons will go ahead come rain or shine and they need to be dressed appropriately for this. All pupils should be in kit for all lessons, throughout the year, which includes Ramadan. 

Should a pupil accidentally forget their PE kit, we have kit that can be borrowed for the lesson so that they can continue to take part fully. We thank you in advance for supporting us with this. 


This must not be worn for any PE lesson and it is pupils’ own responsibility to remove all jewellery at the start of every lesson. If your child wishes to have their ears pierced, the school advises this should be done at the start of the summer holidays. Earrings must be removed for every PE lesson and taping is not permitted. This is in line with the GDST policy as well as our governing body in order to keep all pupils safe. Again, we ask you to support us in this.

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Overview - Physical Education

 Key Stage 4

Core PE - KS4 Curriculum Overview

GCSE PE - KS4 Curriculum Overview

 Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - BTECH Sports


Our Enrichment takes place during the school day as well as after school and is open to all pupils no matter your age, experience or ability. We have a wide variety of games, sports and physical activities to choose from taking place in the sports hall, gym, dance studio, fitness suite, netball court, tennis courts and in the park. We also have a school sports week and interform competitions throughout the year, welcoming in a range of external specialists.  

All pupils will take part in the RISEup Enrichment Programme one day per week. On this day pupils will take part in a physical activity with their form aimed at increasing their social interactions and building their teamwork and communication skills, as well as allowing them to feel a sense of belonging. RISE stands for Repeaters, Inclusive Teams, Stress Busters and Energisers and pupils will take part in a carousel of activities throughout the year. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that we have so many pupils who choose to be part of our school teams. We enter all local city and Merseyside competitions, as well as the LSSP competitions and our GDST competitions which can take us all over the country. Teams that you can join at Belvedere are: 







Table Tennis 




Cross Country




GDST Northern Sports Rally

GDST competitions around the country 

Netball Tours

Wimbledon Championships

Rock and River Outdoor Pursuits 

University visits

Elite Athlete days 

Plus any other local competitions that may occur throughout the year


Mrs L. Calderbank - Curriculum Leader of Creative and Performing Arts, Head of Textiles and Art, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs M. Rimmer - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Creative and Performing Arts, Teacher of Music

Mrs K. Reynolds - Subject Leader of Physical Education

Mrs L. McAnespy - Teacher of Physical Education

Mrs M. McAuliffe - Teacher of Physical Education

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