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SEND Student Support Department


The Belvedere Academy’s Student Support Department is dedicated

to ensuring that whole-school inclusive practices are adopted by all staff to achieve a fully inclusive culture. The academy creates an environment of high expectations and aspirations for all of our pupils and encourages all to achieve their full potential.

We pride ourselves in recognising and responding to the diversity of pupils’ needs, a solution-focused attitude and an excellent partnership with pupils, parents/carers, staff and outside agencies. SEND is everybody’s concern at the Belvedere Academy. All teaching staff are committed to providing an ambitious and aspirational learning experience to all of our pupils, including those with SEND and Pupil Premium. Our teaching staff are well-trained and confident in catering for all pupils across the ability range.

The Student Support Department supports our pupils by offering both in-class support and specialist withdrawal to support literacy and numeracy. We also contribute to the academy’s enrichment programme by running clubs that enhance the wellbeing and the learning of pupils.

The emotional well-being of pupils is vital not only for their academic achievements, but also so that they can flourish personally. The team consists of two fully qualified counsellors (p/t) and we offer support through wellbeing practitioners from CAMHS/YPAS on site.  

We also recognise that at times families may need additional support for a range of needs so we fund an external support service entitled “Schools Family Support”. We have a dedicated family worker that offers excellent advice and guidance to families on a personalised short term basis.

 SEMH support for Parents and Carers at The Belvedere Academy 

Communication and Interaction support 

Cognition & Learning 

Department Staff

Mrs J. Marshall – Senior Assistant Vice Principal, Head of Student Support

Mrs N. Magee - SENDCO

Mrs J. Lawson - Assistant SENDCO

Mrs E. Gillies - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss E. Luong - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss J. O'Connell - Mathematics Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr R. Cruise - SEND Learning Support Assistant

Miss N. Marlow - SEND Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J. Walker - SEND Learning Support Assistant


You can find both, our SEND Policy and our SEND Information Report at the bottom of this page.

You can find other information about the department in Liverpool’s Local Offer

General government guidelines can be accessed here: SEND: guide for parents and carers

If you have any further enquiries relating to the Inclusion department, please contact:

Mrs Marshall at or

Mrs Magee / Mrs Lawson at

Tel: 0151 727 1284


Accessibility Plan 2023

SEND Policy 2023-2024

SEND Information Report 2023-2024

ADHD-Friendly Apps (NHS)

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