Sponsored by the Girls Day School Trust, committed to the education of young women.

More about the GDST

The Belvedere Academy

“Where girls learn without limits.”

The Girls’ Day School Trust is the UK’s leading family of independent girls’ schools. They also have two academies of which Belvedere is one. In all of the schools, academic excellence is a given – at the GDST character is developed beyond the curriculum. GDST focuses on how girls learn rather than just what is learned.  GDST girls are confident and fearless, determined to show what they can do. Nothing holds our girls back – they’re encouraged to embrace every role and subject. As a result, they trust their own abilities and are alive to every opportunity. 

GDST creates an environment where all can thrive and learn from one another. Physical and emotional well-being is paramount, which is why every GDST school provides an incredible array of Enrichment activities and wellbeing programmes.

We are a part of this trust and our students benefit from fantastic opportunities such as the annual Northern Trust Sporting Rally, leadership conferences, competitions and much more.  Furthermore, our staff collaborate with GDST teachers all around the country embarking on some excellent cross curricular and research projects.  The GDST offers an extensive range of training and CPD.


GDST Academy Trust is a Limited Company and Charity · Registered in England No. 6000347 · Registered Office: 10 Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DH