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Head Girl Team

This year's Head Girl Team is slightly different than in past years. The team has been expanded to create opportunities for more students and allow them to take on new leadership roles. The team consists of the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and five Senior Prefects. Each Senior Prefect then has a team of prefects who, together, work closely with an allocated year group enabling them to form closer relationships with the younger years and act as role models for them throughout their school careers. The expansion of the Head Girl Team to include prefects means that more students are afforded leadership opportunities.


Head Girl - Honor Murphy 

Deputy Head Girl (with responsibility for charities) - Ellie Jay-Garrett

Deputy Head Girl (with responsibility for Sixth Form) - Lily Sutcliffe

Deputy Head Girl (with responsibilty for community) - Fatima Hyder-Burney


“ I’m Honor Murphy and I am the current Head Girl of our fantastic academy, Belvedere. I study Mathematics, Chemistry and History and plan on studying History at University. I started Belvedere in 2015 and was the only person to come here from my primary school, despite this I instantly felt welcome, had a sense of belonging and was inspired to reach my full potential by older students and teachers. Now, as I approach the end of my own Belvedere journey, I’d like to play an active role in contributing to a school environment that people truly enjoy being a part of- where students look forward to learning, seeing their classmates and know that there’s always someone to go to for support if they need it. Working closely with Student Leaders, the Equality and Diversity Team, Prefects and the wider Belvedere community are all extremely important to me as Head Girl. Already as a Head Girl Team, we have sent out a Student Voice Survey to all students, have helped organise the celebrations for Eid, worked with Student Leaders and been involved in many more events. We’re a team that all share the same goal of wanting to make Belvedere the best that it can be, a place where students feel that their voices are heard- this is what ‘Being Belvedere’ is all about. Belvedere students have the ability to make a difference in the world and I’d love to play a part in laying the foundations for this. I aspire to be someone who younger students look up to and know that they have the potential to one day be Head Girl themselves.”

“Hi my name is Lily Sutcliffe and I am deputy head girl with focus on sixth form life. As part of this role, I will work closely alongside the sixth form team and year 12 prefects in order to ensure the smooth running of the sixth form. I will make it my mission to support all year 12 who are new to A-level content and structures, but most importantly ensuring our new external students find comfort and stability within academy life. Coinciding with this I will also endeavour to support my own year as much as possible as we adventure into the scary world of university applications and examinations. I study Mathematics, Biology, English Literature and Drama. Despite my wide array of choices, I hope to focus my effort into drama school, where I would study acting. Applying to conservatories is something only a minute amount of student do every year, despite them offering a wide selection of courses e.g. light or set design. I would love to be able to encourage students looking to go into further education to consider and research their options when it comes to studying at a conservatoire. As I find the heavy focus we have on apprenticeships and university education can be shared with giving information on conservatories.”

"My name is Ellie and I’m one of the deputy head girls. My focus is charity and I genuinely enjoy this as it helps others. As an external student I didn’t know any of the other students and I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in but being a member of the head girl team has truly helped me feel involved in the Belvedere community, as well as giving me the opportunity to help other students feel included and get involved in charity events. My time at Belvedere has helped me to grow in confidence and gain many opportunities that will help me succeed in both life and university. As a deputy head girl, I aim to be a good role model to younger students and set a good example to external students joining our sixth form. I want all external students to know they have an equal chance to everyone else."


“My name is Fatima, and I’m Deputy Head Girl with the responsibility of the school community. I’m really excited to link my work with the Head Girl Team with the Equality and Diversity Team and to help do projects that can give our students some useful skills for helping them in the future! I’ll be working with the Head Girl Team to help make students' ideas that benefit our community happen. I like to keep myself busy with peer mentoring, being on the Equality Diversity Team and CCF but I’m always available for a chat or to hear any suggestions! I think at Belvedere one of the best things about our academy is the amazing community we have, so to have this responsibility is something I’m really looking forward to!”



Each form in Lower and Upper School is represented by a Head and Deputy Head Girl who are elected by their forms.  The elections take place twice a year in September and February. They perform such duties as representing their forms at the termly council meetings, guided tours for visitors and speaking at public events.



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