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This year's Head Girl Team is slightly different than in past years. The team has been expanded to create opportunities for more students and allow them to take on new leadership roles. The team consists of the Head Girl, two Deputy Head Girls and five Senior Prefects. Each Senior Prefect then has a team of prefects who, together, work closely with an allocated year group enabling them to form closer relationships with the younger years and act as role models for them throughout their school careers. The expansion of the Head Girl Team to include prefects means that more students are afforded leadership opportunities.

Head Girl Team & Prefects 2020/21

“I’m Gemma Newby and I am the Head Girl of Belvedere 2020-21. I study Biology, Sociology and English Language and I am planning to attend university to study paediatric nursing after Sixth Form. I joined Belvedere back in 2014 as a Year 7 anxious for the next five years ahead of me. I knew that Belvedere was a school that would provide me with great opportunities that would benefit me throughout my school career. Having now joined Belvedere Sixth Form, it is safe to say that my time in Lower  and Upper School really prepared me for this role and the application process. During my time at Belvedere, I have developed the skills and characteristics to become an independent young woman who is prepared and excited for what is to come. As Head Girl, I hope to inspire the students of Belvedere in the same ways that I experienced lower down the school. It is important for me to not only represent the school but to act as a voice for all pupils and further develop the sense of community within Belvedere. As the new motto says ‘we celebrate diversity and uniqueness’ this idea has always been a constant throughout my time at Belvedere and as Head Girl it will be one of my main priorities to maintain this especially through things such as the Equality and Diversity team, peer mentors and pupil support. I aim to be as involved as possible in all aspects of Belvedere school life and continue to grow as an individual as well as inspiring others to be confident, ambitious young women. I did not achieve this role on my own, but by taking advantage of all opportunities that have been available to me and accepting help and support from the school allowed me to become the person I am today which led to me being elected Head Girl.”

“I’m Isobel Jones, one of the Deputy Heads on our Head Girl Team. My focus is really on bringing together lower and Upper School/Sixth Form and creating more school wide events and activities, with a focus on creativity across Belvedere. You might see me spending a lot of time in Art and Textiles and during my time on the team, I am hoping to create more creative opportunities and an open discussion about alternative careers in these areas during my time on the team.”

“I’m Charlotte Flynn, and I’m one of your Deputy Head Girls. I study Drama, English Literature and English Language. I am hoping to go on and study Acting at drama school after Sixth Form, and pursue a professional acting career. Having been in Belvedere since Year 7, I’ve taken full advantage of every opportunity afforded to me: I’ve been a proud member of the award winning chamber choir since my first term in Year 7, and I even had the honour of being Head Chorister from 2017-2018. I am also a member of the Belvedere Theatre Company, winning many awards at various festivals, and performing alongside many incredible talented young girls in the school productions. Belvedere has shaped me to be the confident, bubbly, strong woman that I am today, and it brings me such pride to represent the school as Deputy Head Girl. During my time in this position, I aim to empower the young women of Belvedere, and in particular, place more of a focus on those aspiring to pursue creative arts careers. I also aim to be as involved as possible with equality and diversity, as I am extremely passionate about it, and though I am not a member of the team myself, I will strive to make sure that Belvedere does all it can to help equality and diversity thrive, as it is a vital part of our school community.”

Each form in Lower and Upper School is represented by a Head and Deputy Head Girl who are elected by their forms.  The elections take place twice a year in September and February. They perform such duties as representing their forms at the termly council meetings, guided tours for visitors and speaking at public events.



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