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Mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected subject that has developed over the centuries. It has provided the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems and is essential to everyday life. It is crucial in science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment.

We will instil a love of Mathematics in Belvedere pupils; for them to be Bold enough to tackle problems and enjoy the challenges, and Brave enough to persevere.

Our pupils will be fluent and confident Mathematicians who are able to reason and communicate mathematically, who can apply facts and methods to create strategies to enable them to solve problems, and who appreciate the relevance and importance of Mathematics in both real life and the wider curriculum.

Our pupils will be mathematically empowered to make informed choices about their long-term career aspirations.

The Department

We are a cohesive group of Mathematicians who have high expectations of both our pupils and ourselves. We all strive to uphold our vision above by regularly challenging pupils in lessons and encouraging them to ‘get stuck’ in a supportive environment. In this way our pupils develop greater resilience and, coupled with our self-assessment strategies, they go on to become more independent learners. There is a range of experience within the department at A Level, with some of us favouring Pure, Statistics or Mechanics although we all have the opportunity to teach all of them. We also have much experience in delivering Further Maths A Level.

Curriculum Related Expectations

 Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Overview - Mathematics

Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Mathematics

Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Mathematics

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Further Mathematics




Maths Form Relays – 50 minutes of fast-paced problem-solving with Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the top three teams in each of Years 7-10 UKMT

Challenges – challenging multiple-choice national competitions of 25 problems

MEM Challenges – a local competition, set over February half-term, requiring full written solutions to a variety of problems

Codebreaking – a variety of competitions enabling both individuals and teams to test their codebreaking skills


Recent trips have included:

UKMT Team Challenges – full day of problem-solving team tasks for Juniors (Y8/9) and Seniors (Y12/13)

Y10 Maths Feast – a fun educational challenge for teams of Y10 pupils which develops problem-solving and team-working skills

Alan Turing Code Breaking Day – held at Manchester University this is a day with plenty of codebreaking action for all ages

Girls in Maths Day – held at Liverpool University this day comprises a mix of workshops and lectures to inspire girls to develop their love of Maths and explore future opportunities

Maths Inspiration Lectures – an afternoon of three lectures that both entertain and inspire 2hilst conveying the beauty and value of Maths in the real world


Miss K. Wilson - Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics

Mr I. Bhuiyan - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics

Miss K. Cooper - Head of Year, Teacher of Mathematics, SLt RNCF

Mrs C. Hughson - Teacher of Mathematics, Lower School Mathematics Coordinator

Mrs A. Mansfield - Head of Year, Head of Upper School, Teacher of Mathematics, Teacher of PSHE

Mr J. Perry - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr C. Riley - Temporary Teacher of Mathematics

Miss A. Silker - Teacher of Mathematics

Mr M. Spruce - Teacher of Mathematics

Miss J. O'Connell - Higher Level Teaching Assistant for Mathematics


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