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Media Studies

In Media Studies, our aim is to provide pupils with the tools necessary to understand the ways in which information is communicated through media products and technologies. We do this through an engaging and stimulating curriculum that encourages pupils to develop their critical thinking skills, and consider the different ways that they use the media to understand the world around them. We live in a society that is dominated by media images and technologies. Each day we are exposed to an endless stream of images, videos, news stories, television shows, advertisements and films. Media Studies aims to help pupils make sense of how these media products communicate messages, either explicitly or implicitly, and how our view of the world, and of ourselves, can be shaped and influenced by these products. As well as this, we also encourage creative production of media products, with a focus on producing a range of professional and engaging media products. These range from websites to newspapers, to magazines, television shows, films, marketing materials and music videos. This type of project helps our pupils develop their independent study skills, and also their technical knowledge of production, including photography, filmmaking, editing and writing.

Media Studies - Example Work

The Department

The Media Studies department is small - GCSE Media Studies is taught and managed by the Subject Leader, Mr Lamb, a Media Studies specialist. Mr Lamb lives and breathes Media Studies - if there is a TV show, he’s probably seen it and if there is a video game, he will claim he's completed it. We aim to create a department that is enthusiastic and deeply engaged in the subject. We often come into lessons to pupils desperate to talk about the latest Netflix documentary they’ve watched (and why they think it’s biased after spending their whole weekend reading about some grisly crime or another). We like to think that we are approachable and open to our pupils, and provide opportunities for everyone to find their speciality within what is a very broad subject. The Media Studies Department is often involved in whole school activities, and being part of the English Department means we have strong links with other parts of the curriculum, for example the Belvedere Journal, in which pupils often find themselves writing about popular culture such as films and video games.

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 4 

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Media Studies

Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Media Studies


Examples of student work below:

  Student Work: A promotional poster for a new Channel 4 teen drama series

Student Work: Three images from a Horror film review website

Student Work: Shots from a music video



Media Debates

Lower School Introduction to Media Studies

Dungeons & Dragons (Not strictly Media Studies but Mr Lamb loves it!)


Mrs A. Dickinson - Curriculum Leader of English and Media Studies

Miss C. Brooks - Assistant Curriculum Leader of English & Media Studies

Mr T. Lamb - Subject Leader of Media Studies, Teacher of English, responsibility for e-marketing

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