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The Belvedere Academy

PSHE and Citizenship

PSHE and Citizenship at The Belvedere Academy aims to make a major contribution to preparing young people for the opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of life. It aims to help students develop in the following key areas:

We will:

  • Help students to aspire to be the best they can be, to have dreams for their future and know what is required to reach them.

  • Provide opportunities for our students to learn about rights and responsibilities and appreciate what it means to be a valuable member of an ever-changing diverse society.

  • Help students to understand and consider many of the moral, social, and cultural issues that are part of growing up in modern Britain.

  • Deepen our students’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.

  • Develop their sense of self-worth by playing a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community.

  • Stimulate, challenge and nurture student’s spiritual, moral, social, and cultural curiosity.

  • Help students to understand the importance of their physical and mental health, understand emotions and feelings and have strategies to help them become resilient and confident.

  • Provide young people the knowledge they need to help them develop healthy, nurturing relationships of all kinds.

PSHE Learning Journey at The Belvedere Academy 2023-2024

Year 9 Citizenship: 

Year 10 Citizenship:

Year 12 & 13 PSHE:

BeLife Ready Learning Journey


Ms G. Cavanagh - Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Subject Leader of Sociology 

Miss L. Jones - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Teacher of Religious Studies, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs S. Sunderland - Subject Leader of PSHE and Citizenship

Mrs N. Burke - Subject Leader of Psychology, Teacher of Physical Education, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs L. Calderbank - Curriculum Leader of Creative and Performing Arts, Head of Textiles and Art, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs J. Everett - Curriculum Leader of Science, Subject Leader of Chemistry, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs L. Fox-Ford - Subject Leader of Business and Economics, Teacher of PSHE

Miss G. Halton - Subject Leader of History, Teacher of PSHE

Miss L. Jones - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Teacher of Religious Studies, Teacher of PSHE

Miss S. Kehoe - Teacher of Science, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs A. Mansfield - Head of Year, Head of Upper School, Teacher of Mathematics, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs J. Marshall - Senior Assistant Vice Principal, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs C. McBride - Curriculum Leader of MFL, Teacher of PSHE

Miss H. Phillips - Head of Year, Teacher of English, Teacher of PSHE

Miss M. Quinn - Teacher of Science, Teacher of PSHE

Mr A. Robertson - Cover Supervisor, Teacher of PSHE

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