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Comments and Feedback from parents 

I would like to say also that in our experience with our own kids and any of the looked after children, you, the Belvedere Academy team and the school is by far the best we have come across.

In these strange times, we wanted to express our thanks to the Belvedere Academy teaching and support staff in their continued care and support of our children. The regular updates, assemblies, and ongoing contact from the school provides a much needed security, whilst the familiarity of timetabled activity provides a structure to their day.

I just wanted to say a quick but very large “Thank You” to all of the amazing staff at Belvedere.  Your thorough organisation, ongoing  sense of community, caring  and common sense have meant that our daughter has continued to receive her education in this difficult and challenging time.  This continuity has  meant a great deal to her and us as a family. It has not only meant that her education has not been interrupted but has given her a sense of ongoing belonging and security.  Thank you to you all, headteacher , management team , teachers and all Belvedere support staff.


"I want to thank each and every member of staff for the hard work you have done enabling my daughter to continue with her education seamlessly.  She is working the same hours as if she was physically in school and that's not only due to her hard work - but the fact that all her teachers have ensured that she's had her work on time and have also kept the lines of communication open to her.  Thank you all so much.  I'm so pleased she attends such a wonderful school with such dedicated staff."


Home Academy Partnership

The home academy relationship is vital and we work very hard to build a strong relationship with our parents.  We endeavour to communicate effectively with parents and here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Regular updates providing information on events, and activities on recent progress within the academy, as well as celebrating the achievements of our students.
  • The website  www.belvedereacademy.net
  • Weekly newsletter.
  • At least three grade cards and one full written report each academic year.
  • An initial Year 7 Tutor based Parents’ Evening in the first term, followed by a full Parents’ Evening later in the year.
  • Principal’s letter
  • Termly E-zine
  • Parental Forum.


Parental Forum

The Parental Forum is a chance to hear about what is happening in the academy and to have your say.  All parents are welcome to join the meetings and to contribute ideas.

 Meetings take place in the academy conservatory, starting at 6.00 pm.

 Parental Forum Meetings

  • Thursday, 18th November 2021
  • Thursday, 10th March 2022
  • Thursday, 9th June 2022

Letters to Parents

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