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Peer Mentoring

The vision of the Peer Mentoring Scheme is to help students feel happy and safe and thus fulfil their true potential in school and is coordinated by Mrs Burke and Miss Jones.  Peer Mentoring is a whole school programme which supports the wellbeing of students with trained student mentors offering support to other students with any worries or problems they may have in relation to school life, friendship or anything else.

The Peer Mentor Team also plan and deliver Positivity Enrichment which offers a range of fun and active activities such as meditation, zumba and clubbercise.

How does it work?

Worry boxes have been placed around the academy for students to post any of their worries or concerns and can request a peer mentor. All worries are treated confidentially by the Peer Mentor Team.

The peer mentors are visible around school and they wear a badge so students are able to identify them. In addition, their photographs can be found on the Peer Mentor notice board and the Peer Mentoring Scheme page on FireFly.


The Peer Mentor bench is a happy place for students to come and relax and have fun. Peer mentors go out to the bench at lunchtimes on Monday and Fridays to talk to students, play games and do mindfulness activities like colouring in.


What do students think about the Peer Mentoring Scheme?

"I liked knowing I had someone to talk to, whether it was about a problem I had or just something going on in school." (Year 9 student)

"I could express my feelings without any judgement and was always listened to." (Year 7 student)

"Having a peer mentor made me feel really happy. I found Year 7 tough and got quite a few SIMS points. My mentor helped me turn that around. She told me to push myself and always try my best. She helped me with Maths and I did really well in the end of year test. When I felt lonely or needed someone to talk to she was always the first person I would go to."(Year 8 student)

"If something upset me, my mentor would always make me feel better. It really helped just talking about things that were worrying me. She always listened carefully and tried to help me solve any problems. My mentor was so kind and helpful!" (Year 7 student)


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