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Working with the Positive Schools Programme, we are introducing emotional literacy into all aspects of academy life from Year 7 to Year 13. We'll be building a community of positive thinkers and developing spaces where wellbeing and mental health are explored and discussed without shame.

In the UK, the incidence of psychological distress – especially anxiety and depression – in young people has increased. Our moodstate and emotions impact on every aspect of our lives. It's our hope to develop a culture where social and emotional health is prioritised in order to have a significant positive impact on our learning, relationships, behaviour, and overall performance at school.  We are passionate about learning and teaching new skills that develop a common language to support the social and emotional learning of both teachers and students.

Positive is a specialist learning provider dedicated to improving the health, wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations through applied psychology and neuroscience. Positive have been working with the GDST since 2016 and have already taken over 300 teachers through the Positive Teacher Programme. Over the next three years, as part of a new extension to the partnership, the initiative will be scaled through live and online learning to reach all teachers and staff across the 25 schools within the GDST. The wellbeing and development of teachers, staff and students, and the potential of the partnership to transform how psychological health is viewed and applied within education is hugely exciting.

As well as training more staff and teaching pupils how to manage their wellbeing, we, at Belvedere, have big plans for 2020/21. 


  • Our Instagram page has updates and ideas for how to use the tools of the programme, follow us @belvederepositivepod 


  • The Positive Podcast is a place to hear weekly chats with staff and pupils about their own mental wellbeing, check out the website for each new episode


  • We hope to organise a whole positive day event, using ideas and strategies in every lesson, alongside our annual picnic in the park.


  • We are hugely encouraged and supported by the Peer Mentor Programme, the 6th Form and PE Instagram accounts, follow them for more positive ideas and wellbeing.

The Positive Podcast

In each episode we'll share ideas about how to improve our emotional literacy and talk with staff and pupils about how they are maintaining their own positive thinking throughout the year. We’ll be using this podcast to share strategies and explore if they work and how we use them on a day to day basis.

Online Learning

Managing Your Mind is a digital programme designed to help boost tolerance of uncertainty and help you navigate some of the psychological challenges associated with change.  This programme is provided by the GDST for parents and 6th formers and will take you through some of the science around threat, change and uncertainty. It will provide you with a number of practical tools and techniques that you can use to help manage this difficult time.

If you would like to do Module 1 click here


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