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In Psychology we want to create a passion for Psychology and a love of learning. Psychology can be applied to all aspects of life, as it is the study of behaviour, so pupils will develop a real understanding of why people behave the way they do. There are a variety of topics to constantly keep every pupil wanting more and keen to learn. In Psychology we have a ‘reach to the stars’ policy where all pupils are encouraged to achieve the highest grades. We create a very positive environment for learning which allows the pupils to achieve and aim high. We run Psychology research days where a number of psychologists and researchers come into school to conduct research on the pupils and inform them about a life in the Psychology field. We have a vast number of pupils who go on to study Psychology at university and we also discuss Psychology careers.

The Department

The Psychology department consists of two members of staff, who are both as crazy as one another! Their love for Psychology shines through in every lesson and once you get to know us, you will realise we say every topic is our favourite! We are both very friendly and approachable and our lessons are full of laughter. We give memorable examples of our topics, which gives pupils a real interest and they want to learn more. We never take any study, research or theory at face value, we always encourage pupils to criticise and think outside of the box! We will challenge any theory and that is why Psychology is amazing because we can argue different perspectives of behaviour.

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Psychology



Enhance research methods skills.

An opportunity to plan and deliver your own Psychology enrichment.


Liverpool John Moores 

University of Liverpool

Within the trips, pupils have visited the universities and had taster sessions of lectures, as well as taking part in actual research, which is very exciting!


Ms G. Cavanagh - Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Subject Leader of Sociology 

Miss L. Jones - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Teacher of Religious Studies, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs N. Burke - Subject Leader of Psychology, Teacher of Physical Education, Teacher of PSHE

Mrs G. Greene - Teacher of Psychology

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