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Religious Studies


The Religious Studies Department seeks to instill a love of learning and a passion for thinking in order for learners to develop into well-rounded members of society who understand the beliefs and practices of others. We have sought to develop a curriculum that is both high quality and ambitious, equipping our students to be successful in our multicultural society and making them into critical thinkers who understand that people have different worldviews based on external influencing factors.  We would like our learners, not to tolerate other religions, but to support and celebrate them.  We encourage learners to combat prejudice and champion equality, whilst teaching them to respect the beliefs of individuals and religious groups.

We study a variety of religions, both explicitly as well as thematically.  The Department seeks to keep Religious Studies relevant to those that study it and so we always ensure that contemporary issues are always open for discussion and addressed in the curriculum to keep learners engaged so that they value and see the importance of the subject.

At the heart of all teaching is the necessity of the application of knowledge that Religious Studies lends itself to so well.  From Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5 we aim to create good thinkers that can analyse and evaluate effectively, thus enabling success at each level of study.

The Department

Religious Studies is a friendly, inclusive and approachable Department who love nothing more than sharing laughs with our pupils.  Our love of people, their background and heritage shines through our teaching and we embrace diversity on every level.  We believe that our subject is integral to making a tolerant and peaceful society, equipping our pupils for life in multi-cultural Britain.  As a two person Department, Ms Parker and Ms Jones are good friends with a shared passion for stationery and cakes or biscuits!  In Religious Studies, no topic is off limits and we pride ourselves in being able to argue (in the academic sense!) for or against any given topic!

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 3

KS3 Curriculum Overview - Religious Studies

Key Stage 4 

KS4 Curriculum Overview Religious Studies: Philosophy and Ethics

Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Philosophy and Ethics



Ms G. Cavanagh - Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Subject Leader of Sociology 

Miss L. Jones - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Teacher of Religious Studies, Teacher of PSHE

Ms A. Parker - Subject Leader of Religious Studies, SLt Second in Command RNCF


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