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 This is a 2 year A Level course which includes 4 taught themes, the study of a film and a work of literature and an independent research project. We have studied the following films and books in recent years: La Haine, Les Choristes and No et Moi.
• Theme 1: Being a young person in French-speaking society (family and friends; youth trends; education and opportunities).
• Theme 2: Understanding the French-speaking world (culture and heritage; Francophonie; literature and film).
• Theme 3: Diversity and difference (cultural identity; celebrating difference; discrimination and diversity).
• Theme 4: France 1940 – 50 The Occupation and post-war years (1940-45, occupation, liberation and end of WWII; life and culture in occupied France; 1945-50; repercussion for modern-day France).

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