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 A Level Physics will help you to develop a deeper understanding of how our universe works at the most fundamental level, from the tiny scales of subatomic particles, to the unimaginably large scales of stars and galaxies. In addition to this, A Level Physics provides an understanding of the fundamental rules that govern many of the modern technologies that we rely on every day. 

In Year 12, you will build on knowledge obtained during GCSE Physics, studying areas of the subject such as Electricity, Mechanics & Materials and Waves, as well as new branches of the subject such as Particle Physics and Quantum Phenomena. 

In Year 13, you begin to study more complex concepts, such as those covered in Circular Motion and Simple Harmonic Motion, and then advancing to Thermal Physics, Gravitational Fields, Electric Fields and Capacitors, Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Induction. In the later part of Year 13, you will conclude your studies with Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics

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