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Senior Student Leadership Team

Taking the place of the traditional Head Girl Team, we have now selected our first ever Senior Student Leadership Team. This reflects our inclusive community across Belvedere Sixth Form. The Senior Student Leadership Team has been expanded to create opportunities for more students and allow them to take on new leadership roles. The team consists of the Student Principal, four Student Vice Principals and nine Senior Student Leaders. Each Senior Student Leader then has a team of prefects who, together, work closely with an allocated year group enabling them to form closer relationships with the younger years and act as role models for them throughout their school careers. The expansion of the Senior Student Leadership Team to include prefects means that more students are afforded leadership opportunities.

Senior Student Principal Yasmin D

Senior Student Vice Principal (Environment & supporting Y7 into Y8) Lauren F

Senior Student Vice Principal (Community & supporting Y8 into Y9) Ruby L

Senior Student Vice Principal (Sixth Form Life & supporting Y9 into Y10) Meda BS

Senior Student Vice Principal (Charity & supporting Y10 into Y11) Anoosh A

Senior Student Leader (Y6 into Y7) Rachel BS

Senior Student Leader (Y6 into Y7) Lyra C

Senior Student Leader (Y7 into Y8) Hope S

Senior Student Leader (Y8 into Y9) Harriet B

Senior Student Leader (Y8 into Y9) Isabella A

Senior Student Leader (Y9 into Y10) Amakai O

Senior Student Leader (Y9 into Y10) Lillie L

Senior Student Leader (Y10 into Y11) Isabelle M

Senior Student Leader (Y11 into Y12) Frankie B


Yasmin - Senior Student Principal

Hello everybody, my name is Yasmin Davies and I am the current Senior Student Principal of our wonderful Academy. It seems like only yesterday that I first embarked upon my journey at Belvedere, and so I can't quite believe I am in my final year. Since joining the school in 2016 I have watched many students stand as head girl, and am honored to become a part of such a legacy within the school alumni. Taking on this role means that I am able to pay a small debt for everything that Belvedere has offered me, and for that I am extremely grateful. With the introduction of our new Senior Student leader team, which better parallels the inclusive community here at Belvedere, I can only predict an even brighter future for the team. Our team is made up of a collective of students who genuinely want to make a positive impact on the school. We have regular meetings with Mrs Taylor, Mr Mason, and work closely with many more teachers who help us to develop our ideas and listen to what we have to say as student representatives. We also appreciate that having role models in everyday life is very important. They influence our actions and motivate us to strive to uncover our true potential. As a team, we hope to fulfil this in our Belvedere community. 

Lauren - Senior Student Vice Principal 

Hello my name is Lauren and I am a senior student leader vice principal helping aid the transition between year 7's into year 8, with the core focus being environment. In my role, I help work alongside Mrs Keenan in organising the eco reps in the academy; and ensuring that the pupils have an understanding of how to care for the environment in their local area. Currently, I am studying Art, Graphics and Philosophy & Ethics, with the ambition of going on to study graphic design and marketing in further education. After taking part in the enrichments offered to me such as Chamber Choir and the LEAD Advanced business diploma, the academy has helped to lead and support me as a well rounded individual, which I hope to bestow onto the younger years as a leader.

Meda - Senior Student Vice Principal

My name is Meda and I am one of the Senior Student Vice Principals with the responsibility of Sixth Form Life. Working alongside my team to ensure that the school environment, especially in Sixth form, is healthy, positive and fun; I believe that with the help of my peers we are able to do that to make Belvedere, Belvedere. My project involves mainly listening to the concerns of the sixth formers, making sure that the atmosphere is positive and productive as well as consisting of a focus of next steps i.e becoming an entrepreneur but not only just for sixth formers but for younger years as well; Belvedere has encouraged me to develop my creativity to also become an entrepreneur with 2 running businesses and an entrepreneurial team is something that I wish to establish within the academy. I am thoroughly excited and honoured to have the opportunity to make Belvedere-changing decisions as well as having that positive impact to mould the academy as it moves forward. Here, I chose to study Psychology, Biology and Health and social care as I aspire to be a radiographer alongside an entrepreneur and I hope to be an amazing role model to make Belvedere an even better place for my younger peers to grow up take up the legacy from the Senior Student Leadership Team.

Anoosh - Senior Student Vice Principal

Hi, my name is Anoosh and I'm one of the Senior Student Vice Principals.  I will be focusing on charity work and supporting the transition from year 10 into 11 while using my experience to inform others about the opportunities that have been provided to me at Belvedere. Being an newcomer to Belvedere Sixth Form, I want to assist other newcomers joining in year 12 and motivate them to pursue opportunities. I want to help them to meet new people by arranging events and supporting them to go for roles by using myself as an example and many others who have applied for opportunities such as this.

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