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Sixth Form Life




Life in The Belvedere Academy Sixth Form is fast paced, hard work yet immensely rewarding.

You will find that you are given a new level of responsibility, which starts as soon as you apply for the Sixth Form and grows once you enter it.

We like to offer our Sixth Formers more independence and encourage our students to be independent learners and to make sure that they, along with guidance and support from their teachers and form tutors, take responsibility for their own learning. We provide a personalised curriculum for our students and there are different paths that can be taken through Sixth Form. Whichever path a student takes whether it be the traditional three A Levels or another route, we have the same high expectations of each student and work hard to support her in achieving her potential.

Moreover, it is not only Belvedere’s academic results that make the Sixth Form one of the highest achieving all girls’ Sixth Forms in Liverpool but the vast array of Enrichment activities that are on offer. Our Enrichment programme is second to none and we run clubs such as Duke of Edinburgh to learning Chinese or doing some relaxing yoga to unwind! As expected, there are also academic Enrichments that will support you in your A-Level studies and which run both at lunch time and after school. Some of our Sixth Formers even run their own Enrichments for the younger girls.

We value our Sixth Formers and especially welcome our students to mentor the younger girls and to provide them with inspirational role models of a real ‘Belvedere girl’. Many of our girls who apply for the Head Girl team mention how they were influenced by the Sixth Formers when they themselves were in Year 7 and how they looked up to, respected and ultimately aspired to be a Belvedere Sixth Former.

Our Sixth Form is a happy one where girls strive to do their best and where success is celebrated. We do have high expectations of our students that they will try their best in everything that they do and that they will act as good role models for the younger students.

Maintaining Performance

Monitoring, tracking, assessment and mentoring

Academic progress is monitored rigorously by the Head of Sixth Form, Assistant Heads of Sixth Form, Form Tutors and Subject Leaders. At the beginning of term, all students will be given individual target grades, against which all work will be assessed. Subject Leaders closely supervise the academic progress of students using target grades and the academy tracking system. Students who are underachieving are identified by the academy tracking data and by Subject Leaders. Targeted students are then monitored closely by the Sixth Form Team as part of the Sixth Form Intervention Plan. Parents will be informed accordingly and invited to discuss their daughter’s progress with members of the Sixth Form Team.
Any students who are struggling to cope with the academic demands of A Level, will be allocated a mentor to meet their specific, individual needs.

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