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The study of Sociology provides pupils with the opportunity to develop a variety of valuable skills including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. The key aim of the subject is to help pupils to develop a ‘sociological imagination’.  Pupils are encouraged to carry out independent research outside of the classroom to find out about contemporary social issues. Inside the classroom, pupils apply theoretical perspectives to enhance their understanding of key issues in society today.  Breadth and depth are encompassed across a variety of topics enabling pupils' input to guide the optional topics of study. An inclusive, resource driven curriculum is designed to support a variety of academic abilities and interests, with topics of study ranging from the Sociology of Families to Crime and Deviance. The delivery of the course incorporates the opportunity to experience the study of the subject at university level through Sociology and Criminology taster days. Further opportunities to develop the pupils’ experience of cultural capital are provided through theatre trips and cultural visits. Ultimately, the study of this subject aims to foster a life-long love of learning and inquiry of a variety of sociological issues.

The Department

Sociology is a very popular and successful department at Belvedere, with over a third of our pupils opting to study this subject at GCSE. Signing up to be a ‘mini sociologist’ will provide you with the opportunity to develop a new perspective, or view of the world. You will have the opportunity to study new and interesting topics, including Families, Education and Crime and Deviance. The learning experience is guaranteed to be interesting, challenging and most enjoyable. In lessons, we love engaging in a variety of debates and discussions about social issues that are relevant to you. If you're feeling brave enough, you will also have the opportunity to deliver assemblies to younger pupils to spread your love of Sociology throughout the school! We do expect you to work hard and show a high level of dedication to the subject, but in return we have plenty of support on offer to make sure you are getting the most out of your studies and we're certain to have a lot of fun and laughs along the way!

Curriculum Related Expectations

Key Stage 4

KS4 Curriculum Overview - Sociology

 Key Stage 5

KS5 Curriculum Overview - Sociology



Sixth Form Sociology mentoring support

Guest speakers invited into school

Study support


Liverpool University taster days for Sociology, Criminology and Law

Theatre trips

Cinema trips

Visits to local organisations and services relevant to the topics of study


Ms G. Cavanagh - Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Subject Leader of Sociology 

Miss L. Jones - Assistant Curriculum Leader of Human, Social and Political Studies, Teacher of Religious Studies, Teacher of PSHE

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