Sponsored by the Girls Day School Trust, committed to the education of young women.

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The Belvedere Academy

Academy Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs J. Taylor Principal

Mr S. Jamieson Senior Vice Principal  

Mrs J. Marshall Senior Assistant Vice Principal

Ms E. Speed Senior Assistant Vice Principal / Contingent Commander RNCF

Mrs H. Adam Assistant Vice Principal

Mrs E. Koltuniak Assistant Vice Principal 

Mrs J. Collin Administration Manager

Miss M. Doherty Academy Finance Director

Teaching Staff

Mr C. Aspinall Spanish

Mrs T. Atkins Subject Leader - Computing & IT

Mr T. Betts Science

Mr I. Bhuiyan Assistant Curriculum Leader - Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics

Mr N. Blair Assistant Head of Sixth Form, History

Mr C. Brazier English, KS3 English Coordinator

Miss C. Brooks Assistant Curriculum Leader - English and Media Studies

Mr J. Brown Temporary Teacher of Maths

Mrs N. Burke Subject Leader - Psychology, Physical Education

Mrs L. Calderbank Curriculum Leader - Creative and Performing Arts

Miss V. Carralcazar Spanish

Mr I. Cartwright Computing and Business Studies

Ms G. Cavanagh Curriculum Leader - Human, Social & Political Studies, Subject Leader - Sociology

Miss K. Cooper Head of Year 9, Mathematics, SLt RNCF

Mr J. Deakin Subject Leader - Music

Mr C. Dewick Biology, KS3 Science Coordinator

Mrs A. Dickinson Curriculum Leader - English and Media Studies

Miss T. Doyle Physics, Science Enrichment Lead

Mrs J. Everett Curriculum Leader - Science 

Miss L. Fielding History, Politics

Mrs L. Fox-Ford Subject Leader - Business Studies & Economics

Miss L. Gadzikwa Food Technology

Ms K. Goldstein Subject Leader - Geography

Mrs G. Greene Psychology, PSHE

Ms G. Halton Subject Leader - History, PSHE

Mrs C. Hughson Mathematics, KS3 Mathematics Coordinator

Mrs P. Jecks Art, Textiles

Miss L. Jones Assistant Curriculum Leader - Human, Social & Political Studies, Religious Studies

Miss L. Jones Assistant Curriculum Leader - Science, Subject Leader - Biology

Mrs C. Keenan Subject Leader - Health & Social Care, Eco Leader

Miss S. Kehoe Science

Mr T. Lamb Subject Leader - Media, English, responsibility for e-marketing

Mr J. Lozano Lombarte MFL

Miss V. Lumb English

Mrs N. Magee SENCO, Chemistry

Mrs A. Mansfield Head of Year 11 & Head of Upper School, Mathematics

Mr S. Mason Head of Sixth Form, Art

Mrs L. McAnespy Physical Education

Mrs M. McAuliffe Physical Education

Mrs C. McBride Curriculum Leader - MFL

Miss M. McGowan Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Music, PSHE

Dr S. Moon Subject Leader - Physics

Mrs B. Munns Lower School Progress Coordinator, Geography

Miss E. Nuttall Mathematics, KS4 Mathematics Coordinator 

Ms A. Parker Subject Leader of Religious Studies, SLt Second in Command RNCF

Mr J. Perry Mathematics

Miss H. Phillips Head of Year 8, English

Ms M. Potel French

Miss M. Pozo-Such Spanish

Miss L. Quigley English

Miss M. Quinn Science

Miss R. Renals-Wells Art, Graphics, Textiles, PSHE, Mental Health Coordinator & Positive Champion

Mrs K. Reynolds Subject Leader - Physical Education

Miss C. Richens Drama

Mrs M. Rimmer Music

Mrs R. Rogers Biology, Science

Mrs C. Sadler Subject Leader - Drama

Miss A. Silker Maths

Miss F. Smith English

Mr M. Spruce Mathematics

Mrs S. Sunderland Subject Leader - PSHE and Citizenship 

Ms K. Thelen SENCO

Ms C. Thiery Assistant Curriculum Leader - MFL

Mrs C. Traynor Science, Careers

Dr K. Vaquer Science

Miss F. Wang Mandarin Chinese

Miss K. Wilson Curriculum Leader - Mathematics, Computing, Business and Economics 

Miss E. Wood Assistant Head of Sixth Form, English


ITE Schools Direct 

Miss P. McCourt ITE Schools Direct - Biology

Miss G. Mottram ITE Schools Direct - English

Support Staff

Miss S. Allen Admin and Student Services Assistant

Ms J. Backstrom SIMS Technical Manager, Enrichment Coordinator

Mrs C. Banks Science Technician

Mr A. Bates Chef

Mrs S. Carroll Cleaning Supervisor

Miss C. Carruthers Cleaning Supervisor, Catering Assistant

Mrs S. Carter Assistant Head of Sixth Form (non-teaching)

Miss C. Catesby-Evans  Examinations Officer

Miss S. Chesters Student Services Officer, LAC Coordinator

Mr G. Cooper Estates and Maintenance Assistant

Mr R. Cruise SEND Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Dale Lunchtime Supervisor, Examination Invigilator

Miss H. Devine Head of Year 7 (non-teaching)

Mrs L. Edmunds Science Technician

Mrs H. Evans General Office Manager

Miss T. Fitzpatrick SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Flynn, Examination Invigilator

Mrs H. Forde Lunchtime Supervisor, Examination Invigilator

Mrs N. Fortune  Cleaner

Mr J. Gallagher Science Technician

Mrs E. Gillies  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mr S. Halksworth Examination Invigilator

Miss K. Hannah Head of Year 10 (non-teaching)

Miss J. Harper Cleaner

Miss S. Kenny  Cleaner

Mrs J. Lawson SEND Learning Support Assistant

Miss M. Lewinson Teaching Assistant

Mr A. Lovelady Deputy Catering Manager

Miss E. Luong  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Lythgoe Examination Invigilator

Mr T. Magenis Estates and Maintenance Officer

Miss N. Marlow SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs M. Martin Cleaner

Mr S. Martin  Cleaner

Mr M. McDonagh Estates and Maintenance Coordinator

Mr C. McIntosh Examination Invigilator

Mrs J. McNeill Student Services Office Manager

Mrs V. Miles Catering Assistant, Cleaner

Miss G. Miller Examination Invigilator

Miss L. Murphy Librarian

Mrs H. Needham Family Liaison Officer

Miss J. O'Connell Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. O'Connor Cleaner

Mrs S. Parkes Finance Officer

Mrs A. Parry Receptionist

Miss P. Peake Catering Assistant, Cleaner

Miss M Richardson Cleaner

Mrs M. Rietdyk  Catering Assistant

Lieutenant Commander Mrs H. Rigby School Staff Instructor (SSI)

Ms J. Rigby Examination Invigilator

Mr J. Rigby  Catering Manager

Mr A. Robinson Cover Supervisor

Ms L. Rowan Cleaner

Mrs D. Roza  Catering Assistant

Mrs J. Ryan Academy Finance Manager

Mrs A. Skidmore Examination Invigilator

Mrs N. Smith  Principal's PA

Mr S. Smith ICT Operations Manager

Miss C. Spencer Administration Assistant

Mrs S. Templeton Attendance Officer

Ms A. Tollitt Catering Assistant

Miss N. Wade Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms J. Walker SEND Teaching Assistant

Mrs AM. Whelan Finance Officer

Miss A. White Catering Assistant

Mr C. Williams  Assistant ICT Operations Manager

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mr P. Athans Peripatetic Music Teacher - Brass

Miss A. Boggon Peripatetic Music Teacher - Clarinet

Mrs J. Cunningham Peripatetic Music Teacher - Voice

Miss H. Milne Peripatetic Music Teacher - Piano

Ms D. Paiano Peripatetic Music Teacher - Violin

Mrs E. Pope Peripatetic Music Teacher - Flute

Mr S. Pope Peripatetic Music Teacher - Drums

Ms K. Smith Peripatetic Music Teacher - Voice

Mr R. Smith Peripatetic Music Teacher - Guitar 

External Staff

Miss H. Badawy School Counsellor (Place2B)

Ms C. Doyle Careers Connect

Ms A. Thompson YPAS Counsellor


GDST Academy Trust is a Limited Company and Charity · Registered in England No. 6000347 · Registered Office: 10 Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DH