Sponsored by the Girls Day School Trust, committed to the education of young women.

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The Belvedere Academy


Senior Leadership Team

  • Mrs J. Taylor Principal
  • Mr S. Jamieson Senior Vice Principal  
  • Mrs J. Jones Vice Principal    
  • Mrs J. Marshall Senior Assistant Vice Principal
  • Ms E. Speed Senior Assistant Vice Principal / Contingent Commander RNCF
  • Mrs H. Adam Assistant Vice Principal
  • Mrs E. Koltuniak Assistant Vice Principal 
  • Mrs J. Collin Administration Manager
  • Miss M. Doherty Academy Finance Director

Curriculum Leaders

English & Media Curriculum Area

  • Mrs A. Dickinson Curriculum Leader
  • Mr H. Woolley Assistant Curriculum Leader

Humanities Curriculum Area

  • Ms E. Speed Acting Curriculum Leader

Maths, ICT & Computing Curriculum Area

  • Miss E. Nuttall Acting Curriculum Leader
  • Dr D. Davis Assistant Curriculum Leader

Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Area

  • Mr S. McGovern Curriculum Leader
  • Miss C. Murray Assistant Curriculum Leader

Science Curriculum Area

  • Mrs J. Everett Curriculum Leader
  • Miss L. Jones Assistant Curriculum Leader

PSHE and Citizenship

  • Ms S. Carroll Careers Leader, Head of PSHE and Citizenship

Pastoral Leaders

Lower School - Years 7 and 8

  • Mrs A. Beddard Head of Year 7 & Lower School
  • Miss L. Jones Head of Year 8

Upper School - Years 9, 10 and 11

  • Mr T. Moss Head of Year 9
  • Miss K. Cooper Head of Year 10
  • Mrs A. Mansfield Head of Year 11 & Upper School 

Sixth Form - Years 12 and 13

  • Mr S. Mason Head of Sixth Form
  • Miss D. Blundell Assistant Head of Sixth Form
  • Miss M. Johnson Assistant Head of Sixth Form
  • Mrs S. Carter Sixth Form Learning Mentor

Teaching Staff

  • Mr C. Allen Schools Direct Trainee - Maths
  • Miss A. Batterton Academic Mentor
  • Mrs A. Beddard Head of Year 7 & Lower School, Physical Education
  • Miss S. Behrens Subject Leader Mandarin Chinese
  • Mr T. Betts Science
  • Mr N. Blair Temporary Teacher of History
  • Miss D. Blundell Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Acting Subject Leader of Drama
  • Mr C. Brazier English
  • Miss C. Brooks English
  • Mrs V. Brown Business Studies/ICT
  • Mrs N. Burke Subject Leader Psychology
  • Mrs K. Byrne Subject Leader Business Studies, Economics
  • Mrs L. Calderbank Acting Subject Leader of Creative Arts, Textiles Technology
  • Ms S. Carroll Careers, PSHE, Citizenship
  • Ms G. Cavanagh Subject Leader Sociology, Y11 Progress & Intervention
  • Miss S. Convery Mathematics
  • Miss K. Cooper Head of Year 10, Mathematics, SLt RNCF
  • Mrs A. Cox Drama, Physical Education, Swire Co-ordinator
  • Miss A. Darwent MFL
  • Dr D. Davis Assistant Curriculum Leader Mathematics and ICT
  • Miss A. Dickinson Curriculum Leader English
  • Miss C. Dougan Schools Direct Trainee - Science
  • Mr P. Dykeaylen Graphics, Publicity Officer
  • Mrs J. Everett Curriculum Leader Science 
  • Miss L. Fielding History, Politics
  • Miss T. Foster Subject Leader ICT
  • Miss L. Gadzikwa Food Technology
  • Mrs E. Gillies Art
  • Ms K. Goldstein Subject Leader Geography, DofE Co-ordinator
  • Mrs G. Greene Psychology
  • Ms G. Halton History
  • Miss L. Hirrell History
  • Mrs C. Hughson Mathematics, Lower School Mathematics Co-ordinator
  • Mrs P. Jecks Art, Textiles
  • Miss M. Johnson Assistant Head of Sixth Form, English
  • Miss L. Jones  Head of Year 8, Religious Studies
  • Miss L. Jones Assistant Curriculum Leader Science, Subject Leader Biology
  • Mrs C. Keenan Health & Social Care
  • Ms D. Lalchandani Maths
  • Mr T. Lamb Subject Leader Media, English, responsibility for e-marketing
  • Mr Y. Liu Teacher of Mandarin Chinese
  • Mr J. Lombarte Temporary Teacher of MFL
  • Miss Y. Lu Teacher of Mandarin Chinese
  • Mrs A. Mansfield Head of Year 11 & Upper School, Mathematics
  • Mr S. Mason Head of Sixth Form, Art
  • Mrs L. McAnespy Physical Education
  • Mrs N. McCarthy MFL
  • Mr S. McGovern Curriculum Leader MFL
  • Miss M. McGowan Music, English
  • Miss B. McLean Teacher of Geography, Eco Leader
  • Dr S. Moon Subject Leader Physics
  • Mr T. Moss Head of Year 9, Science
  • Miss C. Murray Assistant Curriculum Leader MFL
  • Miss E. Nuttall  Mathematics, Upper School Mathematics Co-ordinator
  • Mr M. O’Keeffe Subject Leader Music
  • Ms A. Parker Subject Leader RS, Slt Second in Command RNCF
  • Ms M. Potel French
  • Miss M. Pozo-Such Spanish
  • Miss R. Renals-Wells Schools Direct Trainee - Art
  • Miss K. Staunton Schools Direct Trainee - MFL
  • Mrs K. Reynolds Subject Leader of PE
  • Miss C. Richens Drama
  • Mrs R. Rogers Science
  • Miss R. Simpson Science
  • Mr M Spruce Teacher of Mathematics
  • Ms K. Thelen Assistant Inclusion Manager
  • Miss C. Thompson Schools Direct Trainee, English
  • Mrs C. Traynor Science
  • Miss H. Treherne Academic Mentor
  • Dr K. Vaquer Science
  • Miss E. Wood English
  • Mr H. Woolley Assistant Curriculum Leader English, Media Studies
  • Mrs S. Young Physics

Support Staff

Administrative Staff

  • Mrs J. McNeill Student Services Office Manager
  • Miss H. Miller  General Office Manager
  • Miss L. Bowyer Student Services Administrator & Reprographics Technician
  • Miss S. Chesters Student Services Officer
  • Miss C. Spencer Administration Assistant

Principal's PA

  • Mrs N. Smith  Principal's PA

Learning Mentors

  • Mrs S. Carter Sixth Form Learning Mentor
  • Miss H. Devine Years 7-11 Learning Mentor

CCF Support 

  • Lieutenant Commander Mrs H. Rigby School Staff Instructor (SSI)


  • Mr M. McDonagh Estates and Maintenance Coordinator
  • Mr T. Magenis Estates and Maintenance Officer
  • Mr G. Cooper Estates and Maintenance Assistant

Finance Office

  • Mrs J. Ryan Finance Manager
  • Mrs S. Parkes Finance Officer
  • Mrs AM. Whelan Finance Officer


  • Mr S. Smith  ICT Operations Manager
  • Mr C. Williams  Assistant ICT Operations Manager
  • Ms J. Backstrom  SIMS Technical Manager


  • Miss C. Catesby-Evans  Examinations Officer

Laboratory Technicians

  • Mrs J. Huyton  Science Technician

Learning Support Assistants

  • Miss T. Beresford Learning Support Assistant
  • Mrs E. Gillies  Teaching Assistant
  • Miss E. Luong  Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs S. Ayers School Counsellor
  • Miss G. Hill  School Counsellor


  • Miss L. Murphy  Librarian

Catering Staff

  • Mr J. Rigby  Catering Manager
  • Mrs L. Johnson  Chef
  • Mr L. Yeadon Catering Assistant
  • Mrs C. Carruthers  Food Service Assistant
  • Mrs J. Jackson  Food Service Assistant
  • Mrs J. McHale  Food Service Assistant
  • Mrs M. Rietdyk  Food Service Assistant
  • Mrs D. Roza  Food Service Assistant
  • Ms. A. Tollitt  Food Service Assistant

Cleaning Staff

  • Mrs S. Carroll  Twilight Hours Cleaning Manager
  • Miss C. Carruthers  Daylight Hours Cleaning Manager
  • Mrs N. Fortune  Cleaner
  • Mrs C. Johnston  Cleaner
  • Miss S. Kenny  Cleaner
  • Mrs M. Martin Cleaner
  • Mr S. Martin  Cleaner
  • Mrs V. Miles  Cleaner
  • Miss P. Peake  Cleaner
  • Ms M. Richardson Cleaner
  • Ms L. Rowan Cleaner
  • Mrs D. Roza  Cleaner

Visiting Music Staff

  • Mrs J. Cunningham – Voice
  • Ms H. Dawson - Brass
  • Mrs S. Francis – Flute
  • Mr H. Michalas - Clarinet/Saxophone
  • Miss H. Milne - Piano/Theory
  • Ms D. Paiano - Violin
  • Mr R. Smith - Guitar
  • Miss F. Vella – Cello

GDST Academy Trust is a Limited Company and Charity · Registered in England No. 6000347 · Registered Office: 10 Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5DH