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The Belvedere Academy

Vision and Ethos

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Belvedere.


In September 2019, pupils, staff, our governors and our families at The Belvedere Academy worked together to create our values. After a number of months and various activities, we decided on the five values below. These guide our work and our behaviours day to day at Belvedere.

We also decided that "Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Belvedere" was the statement that we wanted to underpin who we are.

In September 2020, we worked together to frame what we felt it meant to be a member of the Belvedere community. Between us, we decided on "Being Belvedere". The Being Belvedere framework describes who we aim to be and how we behave.

  • We know that education gives us confidence and we celebrate everyone’s different successes.
  • We have high expectations which we achieve by thinking creatively, setting clear goals and developing self-belief. 
  • We celebrate diversity and uniqueness, give everybody a voice and accept everyone for who they are.
  • We embrace the importance of caring for and respecting each other, our families and the environment.
  • We recognise the importance of doing our best.


Being Belvedere

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