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Gemma, Y13

"Starting Sixth Form can often seem like a daunting thing as it involves more independence and more freedom. When I started Belvedere Sixth Form I was instantly met with great support and kindness from my teachers and peers which made the adjustment to Sixth Form life a lot easier. As well as great support from my friends, I also received great support from the teachers and the Sixth Form Team. Although Sixth Form is a more independent stage of school the teachers are always available to answer any questions if you are struggling and provide you with the help you need. I believe that the support and facilities available at Belvedere will really help me to achieve my goals in the future. I am confident that the Sixth Form Team will advise me throughout the next steps in Year 12/13 and provide me with the skills I need to succeed in the future."


Hope, Y13

"The idea of going to Sixth Form was quite scary at first; I'm getting older and making big and life-changing decisions. However, at Belvedere I know I'm always going to have support with whatever it is I decide to do. The staff are always on hand with advice, whether is to do with UCAS, subject specifics or personal issues, they will always find time to help. As for the students, you can't walk down a corridor without saying hi to someone or seeing a smiling face, it's more like a tightknit family than a sixth form! I genuinely enjoy coming to school because I know that someone, whether it's a student or member of staff, will always be there to support me through this time."


Charlotte, Y 13

"As I enter my final year as a Belvedere student, I have really come to appreciate the uniqueness and excellence that is Belvedere. It is only when I have spoken about my experiences at this school with students from other schools, that I have realised just how special Belvedere is, and I truly don't think I would be the confident, empowered young woman that I've grown to be without Belvedere. The generosity and dedication of the teaching and support staff at the school are unparalleled, and this results in an environment where students are eager to learn and encouraged to achieve the excellence that they are more than capable of. As I leave Belvedere at the end of this year, as an emerging actor in an extremely competitive industry, this school has equipped me with all the personal qualities that I will need to succeed. I am honoured and proud to call myself a Belvedere student. "

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